Businesses Get Boost From Silver Bells

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Autumn Weston and her family have owned Kewpee Restaurant in Downtown Lansing since 1923 and for the last 28 years, the night of Silver Bells in the City has beaten all the rest.

"It just brings Lansing alive," said Weston. "We'll have a one to two hour wait of people outside the door so it's just wonderful to see."

As setup crews put the finishing touches on Downtown Lansing's biggest event of the year, Kewpee and other downtown restaurants were preparing for more than 100,000 potential customers.

Randy Hannan, Chief of Staff for Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, says it is a chance for Downtown Lansing to show off how far it has come in recent years.

"We tell people, 'if you haven't been downtown lately, you haven't been downtown at all'," said Hannan. "When people come downtown and they see the decorations and the businesses that are so vibrant, they express everything from shock, to surprise, to pure delight that it's such a neat place."

Business gets so busy, it is all hands on deck for Ted-Dee's Sandwich shop during parade hours.

"It's our busiest five hours of the year," said Ted Robison, Owner of Ted-Dee's. "They'll be lined up all the way to the door pretty much from 5:30 to 10:30."

With every booth in Kewpee's expected to be filled, Weston says, it is overwhelming, but many of their staff have been in the situation before.

"A couple of our servers have been with us 30-plus years and the kitchen staff have been here years on hand so they kind of prepare," said Weston. "They know what to expect and they just kind of jump in head first."

And these restaurants aren't complaining about the business.

"If I could have one silver bells a month, I'd be really happy," said Robison.

Silver Bells in the City takes about eight months to prepare for with planning starting in the summer. It takes roughly 85 to 100 sponsors to put on and draws about 500 total volunteers.

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