Cities, Businesses, Events Closed on Monday, Tuesday

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Many businesses and cities are closing shifts or for the entire day.

Here's what we have so far:
- Dart Container is closing for all Monday afternoon and evening shifts. Mason Cup resumes at 8 am, Machinery Manufacturing at 7:30am, as will the Holt Ink Plant.
- Sparetime Entertainment Center, Lansing closing at 5:00PM today
- Capital Physical Therapy All Offices closed today
- All Center For Family Health

Tuesday closings:
- City of East Lansing
- Women’s Club of Jackson Luncheon
- UAW 652 Retriee's Bingo
- Hillsdale Baptist Church Food Pantry
- Women’s Club of Jackson Luncheon for 1/7 has been canceled
- Evergreen Cycle & Repair
- Potterville Benton Township District Library

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