'Burn the Couch' Sign Man Meets with Police. Will Not be Charged.

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EAST LANSING - The man who held up a sign stating "Burn the Couch" at the Big Ten Championship Game is not going to face any criminal charges. A statement from the Abood Law Firm, who legally represents the man, says that their client met with East Lansing Police detectives. The Abood Law Firm was advised that no charges would be issued as a result of the sign. "My client is very relieved to have this behind him," said Andrew P. Abood, attorney for the author of the "Burn The Couch" sign. "He certainly had no intention of someone taking his sign literally. He is a good student, and a loyal MSU Spartan who has learned a valuable lesson about his sense of humor."

Two more people have been charged for taking part in the fiery disturbance the night of MSU's victory. A new suspect, 20-year-old Justin Paul Roe of East Lansing was arrested and arraigned Friday. He is charged with three disorderly conduct charges: kindling a fire, remaining within 300 feet of a fire and unlawful assembly. All three charges are misdemeanors punishable by up to 90 days in jail and up to a $500 fine.

In addition to Roe, one man arrested the night of the December 8th disturbance was also arraigned Friday. Zachary Reed Shaffer, 18, of Cornelius, North Carolina, faces a disorderly conduct charge for remaining within 300 feet of an open fire.

The total number of arraignments from the weekend's civil disturbance is now 10. 15 were arrested that night.

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