Broad, Simon Respond to Museum Criticism

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While MSU sophomore Christina Buglione likes the idea of the new Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, she's still not sure about how it looks.

"I think they made it too modern," said Buglione. "I think they could've brought it back to this century a little bit, made it look less like a spaceship."

Her friend, Elizabeth Long, thinks differently.

"I think it is very aesthetically pleasing and cutting edge," said Buglione.

Disagreements like this have been happening since renderings of the museum first came out. Much of the criticism has more to do with the museum's location next to the much older Berkey Hall, than the building's design.

"It was designed to reflect the old and the new at Michigan State," said MSU President, Dr. Lou Anna K. Simon.

Simon says putting the museum on the north end of campus will serve as a way to welcome students. It will also reflect the 21st century for Michigan State.

"Hopefully as people get to know the building better and the art within it, they will understand that it is a piece of art and it will evoke a lot of emotions," said Simon.

Eli Broad, who funded most of the project has heard criticisms like this before.

"I remember when we opened our symphony hall by Frank Gehry in Los Angeles," said Broad. "People were very upset. Three or four years later, they love it and people will love it, believe me."

While he says the goal was to respect the architecture on campus, he believes the location will ultimately benefit the whole community.

"It's on the edge of campus, it faces East Lansing," said Broad. "I think it's going to take this university in a direction it hasn't been before."

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