Broad Art Museum Opens With Special Ceremony

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A large pair of scissors signaled a new era at Michigan State University, Saturday, as Eli Broad cut the ribbon to the museum that carries his name.

"There's no feeling like seeing a project develop from an idea to a reality," said Broad, who donated nearly $30 million to the project.

As Cassandra Weaver became one of the first of the public to see the inside of the building, she couldn't contain her excitement.

"It's quite incredible, I'm very impressed with the building itself," said Weaver. "Through the construction of watching it, seeing the final product is awesome."

Weaver was one of 2,000 who pre-registered for the opportunity to tour the brand new structure, even if it meant waiting in line.

"To finally see it's very impressive," said Lorel Evans of Bath. "The use of light in windows and how the building itself is a piece of art."

Earlier in the day, a special ceremony took place just outside the Broad Museum featuring several speakers, including Governor Rick Snyder.

"This is not just an opportunity for those of us in Michigan, this is something that can make a difference in the world and we should be so proud," said Snyder.

Project architect, Zaha Hadid says along with its economic impact, she hopes the building will help inspire the students that visit it for years to come.

"I really do believe in education that it's very important to inspire young people and I think it's awesome to have an art institution within the campus vicinity," said Hadid.

Another open house is scheduled for Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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