Bredneritz Trial Date Set

A teen will face a jury for his role in the death of MSU student Dustyn Frolka. A judge set a September 17th trial date for 18-year-old Tyrel Bredneritz Monday morning.

The teenager from Saline is charged with murder and robbery, after police say he robbed Frolka and beat him up over drugs, leaving his body on the side of the highway back in February.

It is likely Bredernitz and 16-year-old Brendan Heim will be tried together. Heim and been undergoing testing, and has been found competent to stand trial, according to information given to the judge Monday.

The girl driving the car the night Frolka died made a plea deal in the case last month. Ninteen-year-old Samantha Grigg was sentenced to six to fifteen years for manslaughter. She is expected to testify against Bredernitz and Heim.