Breaking Down the State Report Card for Mid-Michigan Schools

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Some Mid-Michigan schools like Waverly High School, which had problems in the past, are being rewarded for their efforts now that the State Report Card is out.

Other schools are "slipping into the red."

Schools are graded on a color coded system with green as the top color, followed by lime, yellow, orange, and the lowest ranking, red.

Entire school districts get the same color coded ranking.

Individual schools are also ranked on a top-to-bottom list, given either priority, focus or reward status.

The numbers were mixed for Jackson Public Schools. McCulloch Academy of Science and Technology given the "priority" ranking from the state.

That means McCulloch is in the bottom 5% statewide, in terms of achievement and achievement gaps, joining 2012 priority schools Frost Elementary and Middle School at Parkside.

Bennett, Cascades and Northeast Elementary Schools were added to the priority list last year. Once a school is on the priority list, it remains there for 4 years.

But, Parkside and Northeast are making progress. The schools made small gains that took them out of the bottom 5 percent.

Jackson Public Schools received a "red" ranking as a district.

Waverly Senior High School is also in the red. Waverly was given "focus" status, putting the high school in the 49th percentile statewide.

But this is actually positive news, the high school jumped from the bottom 5% up to the 49th percentile.

Waverly Schools overall received a "yellow" ranking.

Okemos Public Schools' scorecard also yellow, right in the middle.

Okemos High School was in the 92nd percentile statewide, but was given "focus" status, for achievement gaps. The high school received an "orange", or the second to lowest ranking.

Okemos Public Montessori-Central was in the 99th percentile statewide and was given "reward" status for being in the top 5% of schools statewide.

The state issued the DeWitt Public School District a "yellow" ranking overall.

DeWitt High School received "reward" status and "lime" scorecard color, the second to highest ranking. DeWitt Junior High School, Herbison Woods Elementary, and Scott Elementary received "lime" rankings as well.

Schavey Road Elementary School was one level lower, in the yellow.

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