Boy Scouts Lifting Ban on Gay Youth Sparks Worry

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LANSING (WILX)-After years of debate the Boy Scouts have voted to allow openly gay members. It's a move that could divide the organization. It's already starting to divide some families.

The Clapp family has a long tradition of being part of the boy scouts. All four boys have either been in or are currently in the youth program. But with the recent national decision, mom is thinking of pulling her youngest son out. She's worried that the program is becoming to focused on sexuality.

"It seems if a persons sexuality is going to be a focus of a troop I would have to pull my son out," said Elisabeth Clapp.

There's been talk that with the new acceptance of homosexual boys there would have to be separate tents and bathrooms. If that's the case Clapp doesn't want her sons to have a part in it.

"It should be about merit badges and fishing, not boys and girls."

Despite his mothers worries Jacob Clapp doesn't see the acceptance of homosexuals changing the values or traditions of the program.

"The way I've always seen it is gay or straight the Boy Scouts have each others back."

Jacob is just one of more than 4,000 boy scouts in the greater Lansing area.

He has no problem sharing a tent with another boy who is openly gay.

"They're not going to throw a kid under the bus because he's gay. We stick together until the end."

No matter side of the debate you fall on time will tell whether the public will accept this decision or not. At least one community chairman in the Tri-County area is resigning from the boy scouts. Joseph Robb said he is going to step down because of the decision to accept openly gay boys.

Jacob is optimistic that a majority of the program will be accepting, holding out hope for the positive.

"I think now more people will accept the boy scouts as an organization."

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