VIDEO: Bounce House Flies Away with Children Inside

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South Glens Falls, New York It's being called a freak accident. Strong winds in upstate New York launched an inflatable bounce house high above the ground as three children played inside.

Two of the children were seriously injured when they fell to the ground, while a third child suffered minor injuries.

These pictures were taken by a witness just moments after the small bounce house lifted off the ground while three children were playing inside it.

Taylor Seymour, whose sister was one of the children says, "The first thing I thought was that was my sister falling through the sky, because all I saw was arms and legs going." She suffered a minor injury to her shoulder.

Police say the other children, a five year old and a six year old boy were dropped from the bounce house when it reached a height of 15 to 20 feet.

The children are being treated at Albany Med. According to witnesses, one suffered a serious head injury, the other, broken bones.

Witnesses and police say the man who owns the Little Tikes brand bounce house, but is not the father of the injured children, did use the plastic stakes to keep it in place, but the stakes were apparently no match for a strong gust of wind.

Witness Stephanie Hansen recalls, "I actually watched the fellow that put it up. All the kids were having fun until they screamed to me to come down and I saw that."

As the children lay injured in the street and the parking lot, witnesses say the bounce house drifted off 50 feet into the sky before coming to rest on the fields near Oliver Winch Middle School.

The photos were captured by a South Glens Falls student as she got ready for a lacrosse game.

Police call it a tragic accident and say no charges will be filed.

The two boys remain hospitalized.

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