Both Good and Bad News in New Air Pollution Report

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The American Lung Association releases it's annual state of the air report. Ozone pollution up. Particle pollution is down, meaning less stuff is floating around but smog is worse. Cleaner fuels and power plants bringing particle pollution to record lows in some areas, but warmer weather causing more ozone pollution

"Which is bad news for public health. It shows we need to take the threat of climate change very seriously," said Paul Billings, American Lung Association.

And locally, we're seeing the same trends.

Ingham County received an "a" for particle pollution, meaning the air is pretty clean, but it received a "d" for ozone pollution. Clinton County did even worse, with an "f" for ozone pollution, which can effect people with lung disease and children and the elderly who spend a lot of time outdoors. The Lung Association reports 534 thousand people are at risk in Ingham County alone. This new data comes just hours after the supreme court ruled that the federal government can police particle pollution that floats across state lines.

"This is about people's basic health, and about a level playing field," said Gov. Jack Markell/ (D) Delaware.

The decision limits emissions from plants in more than two dozen states, including Michigan. Here's the good news. The Lansing area is in the top 25 least polluted cities in the country for short term pollution, which means pollution that only lasts for a few hours or days, but can still be harmful.