Bond Proposals on the Ballot for Many School Districts

Waverly Schools Voting
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Waverly Community Schools Hopes voters say "yes" today to a technology bond. The district needs cash to upgrade its computers and security systems and buy new teaching gadgets for the classroom. Last time the district asked for a bond was in 2000, and that was for construction. that was passed by voters, and the district is hoping voters say yes again today. It would cost the owner of a $50,000 home an additional $41 dollars a year, and the owner of a $100,000 home $82 dollars a year.

In 2012, the district purchased 30 ipads for each of the three elementary schools It cost each school about $12,000 out of their general fund accounts. Because of cuts, the school says it cannot pay for technology improvements out of the general fund again. The bond would also help the schools improve their security systems and upgrade internet capabilities.

Waverly isn't the only district with a bond proposal on the ballot -------Northwest Community Schools in Jackson County is asking voters for 40-million dollars for upgrades and improvements. The first proposal of nearly 30-million would pay for repairs and secure entry ways for elementary buildings. The second proposal, a ten million dollar package would build a new gym, cafeteria,, and media center at the high school. Williamston has a sinking fund tax levy proposal on its ballot. Dewitt library district bond proposal is on the ballot for voters in Clinton county. Bath, Fowler, Grass Lake, Chelsea, and Laingsburg Community Schools are also all holding elections.