Bomb Threat Puts MACI Workers Kept Out of Plant for Hours

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PARMA - Hundreds of workers at Jackson County's Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc., better known as MACI, spent hours out-of-doors Monday due to a bomb threat. Michigan State Police First Lieutenant Joseph Thomas says a note indicating a bomb would go off at a certain time was found in a bathroom Monday morning.

As a precaution, the building was evacuated while a bomb sniffing dog went through the large facility. Lt. Thomas says the experts found nothing suspicious.

Several school buses were brought to the facility to house employees who had not brought jackets or keys to their cars. Ambulances and fire vehicles were kept on standby as well.

Workers were allowed back in the building at approximately 2:30 p.m. MACI is among the largest employers in Jackson County.

Lt. Thomas says they do not have a suspect yet, but continue to investigate.

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