Body Found in Liberty Township, Authorities Call It Apparent Homicide

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A quiet neighborhood in south Jackson County...the last place you would expect find a dead body.

"Shortly after 8 a.m., deputies were dispatched down here to the boat launch at Crispell Lake," said Jackson County Undersheriff Chris Kuhl. "A couple sportsmen that were in the area had made a 911 call that they found something suspicious."

Kuhl says when the deputies arrived on scene, they confirmed that it was a female body. When the body was examined further, they made the call.

"An apparent victim of homicide based on the manner in which she was found," said Kuhl.

The entrance to the launch was immediately closed by sheriff's deputies for several hours, only allowing investigators and an ambulance in to retrieve the body. Around 2:30 p.m., the ambulance, along with several investigators, left scene. The people who live along Crispell Lake left to wonder who this could happen.

"It's very unsettling," said Bill Belt, who lives near the lake. "Just a quiet community where we all get along. There's no problem."

For now, the residents of Liberty Township will be forced to wait as Jackson County investigators try to find out more about the victim and what happened to her.

"Throughout the weekend, we hope to bring some answers to this," said Kuhl. "We hope to make an identification, a firm identification on who the victim is and bring some of these things to a conclusion or at least gather pieces and parts of the puzzle."

Kuhl says, they have tentatively identified the victim, but they are not currently releasing a name. They will release more information as they get it.

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