"Black Success Network" Launches

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LANSING (WILX)-- Call it a little online affirmative action. A website aimed at helping create successes for black people.

The "Black Success Network" launched Tuesday, and was founded by three Lansing residents who are all about helping others. Teresa Bingman, Lloyd Bingman, and NFL great, Todd "T.J." Duckett have been working on this website for two-and-a-half years, and it's now fully operational.

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With the "Black Success Network" Lansing African American professionals have been asked to share their success stories. The stories are meant to inspire, connect, and bring awareness to the positive side to the portrayal of African Americans.

"If you can see it you can believe it. If you can believe it you can do it," said Dr. Eva Evans. Dr. Evans is a former Lansing Schools administrator, and former president of Alpha Kappa Alpha. She is one of many success stories that will be featured on the new website.

"To hear a story about it. It opens your mind up to what the possibilities are," said Duckett.

But the website is more than just success stories. It also allows those who are featured to network with others.

"Now you have access to them (those featured) and communications with them through a forum. You can have them give you feed back direct." said Duckett.

One MSU professor already plans to put the website to use.

"Will I use it personally? Of course. Will I use it in educating, motivating, and inspiring students that I have at MSU? Absolutely," said Dr. Marylee Davis.

The website will showcase new people every few weeks, and there's hope of adding a "success coaching" feature in the future.

"Success is real, Anyone can achieve it," said Duckett.

The website is free to those who want to access the inspirational ten minute videos.

If you'd like to contact anyone who is featured on the website, there will be a five-dollar monthly fee, or fifty dollars for a year subscription.

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