Black Box Detector To Join The Search

New information from the Thai government bolsters the belief that missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 took a sharp westward turn after communication was lost.
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PERTH, Australia -- A warship with an aircraft black box detector will be departing Australia on Sunday to search for the missing Malaysian jetliner, a day after ships plucked objects from the Indian Ocean to determine whether they were related to the missing plane. None were confirmed to be from the plane, leaving searchers with no sign of the jet three weeks after it disappeared.
It could take days for the Australian warship, the navy support ADV Ocean Shield, to reach the search zone, which shifted northeast Friday to an area roughly the size of Poland. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority, which oversees the search, says the ship will depart Perth on Sunday for the zone, about 1,150 miles to the west.
The ship is fitted with the U.S. Navy's Towed Pinger Locator and an unmanned underwater vehicle, as well as other acoustic detection equipment.
Also, planes will continue to comb the area for any signs of debris.
Meanwhile, 29 frustrated Chinese family members, seeking answers from Malaysia's government as to what happened to their loved ones, arrived in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday. Two-thirds of the 227 passengers aboard Flight 370 were Chinese.

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