Bill to Legalize Scalping Splits Venues, Brokers

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Repealing Michigan's rarely enforced ban against scalping tickets is, on its face, an effort to help out the average customer looking to sell a few unused tickets to a game or concert.
But it's also a high-stakes financial tussle -- one between venue owners like pro sports teams and brokers who resell their tickets on the Internet. So far, the brokers are winning in Lansing.
The Republican-led House voted this week to legalize ticket scalping. Entertainment venues are hoping to block the bill in the GOP-controlled Senate.
Selling a ticket above face value is a misdemeanor that can lead to jail time and a fine.
Supporters say letting people buy and resell tickets freely would help consumers. Opponents say the legislation would lead to higher prices in the resale market.