Bike Parking Ordinance Proposed In Lansing

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Finding bike parking can be hit or miss in Lansing, and one Lansing City Council member says bicyclists are overlooked.

"[Businesses] don't consider the fact that more and more people are getting to their businesses on bike and there is a demand for bike parking," said Lansing City Council member Jessica Yorko.

Many Lansing bicyclists would like every business in town to have at least some space, but should businesses be forced to add bike parking?

That's the question surrounding an ordinance being considered by the Lansing City Council that would require new developments in the city to have parking,

A bike parking ordinance was expected to come up for a vote Monday. However, one of the proposed law's big supporters, council member Yorko, is holding off until September so she can have more time to better explain the ordinance to businesses.

Under the proposed law, any new development of more than 1,000 square feet, including the addition of 1,000 square feet of parking lot, would require the property owner to add parking for bikes.

The ordinance would include businesses, churches, and apartment buildings, but it wouldn't apply to businesses in downtown, Reotown, Old Town, or other similarly zoned areas.

A spokeswoman from Lansing's Regional Chamber of Commerce says the group hasn't taken an official stance on the ordinance, but told WILX some group members are worried it could be a big burden on city businesses.

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