Bike Share Looking for Donations and Members

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LANSING (WILX)-- Bike-sharing is coming to Lansing, but is there enough interest to make it a permanent thing in the capital city?

WILX first told you about the pilot project last week, and since then it's already received thousands of dollars in donations. But, donations don't guarantee bike-sharing is here for good.

The trial run will have twenty bikes available starting August 4th, and will last three months. In those three months, if not enough people sign up to become members, it'll be taken out before 2014.

"If there are some major problems, then we will decide do we really want to move on to 2014," said Lynne Martinez, Program Developer for Capital Community Bike Share.

Getting people interested is only half the battle. The start-up costs for 50 bikes is nearly $100,000 dollars. The trial run alone is costing $30,000, and the money is coming from mostly donations.

Martinez says they've raised more than $22,000 for the trial run, and hope the fundraiser on June 26th will bring in the rest. The fundraiser will be 5-7 pm at Clark Hill Law Firm. They will have a demonstration of the bike if you want to check it out.

The trial system should be simple to use. A member pays a one time $40 dollar fee to Capital Community Bike Share, is given a code, and can use it to take out a bike out for the day.

"It'll have a lot of security measures. The bike has a GPS tracking system, and if people start messing with the bikes it will send out an alarm immediately," said Martinez.

The goal is to put the bike stations up near high traffic areas. The exact locations will be decided within the next two weeks. They will be placed between REO Town, Old Town, and on Michigan Ave.

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