"Big Brothers Big Sisters" Sets Big Mentoring Goal

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175 kids and teens around the Lansing area could really use a mentor right now.

The Michigan capitol region of "big brothers big sisters" hopes a new campaign will bring that number way down.

The organization held an event with community leaders this morning, announcing a goal of two-hundred new "bigs" in the next 200 days.

It's not a complicated process, all you have to do is commit a few hours a month to make a difference.

"We see that the kids we work with, who are all at-risk and facing some sort of adversity, they start to attend school, begin to avoid risky behaviors like drugs and alcohol and get along better with their peers", says Executive Director Phil Knight. "They also grow up to be great volunteers back in the community."

Big Brothers Big Sisters especially needs males and professionals, but anyone is welcome to sign up to be a mentor.

Just click on the link below for more information.

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