Bernero Files for Re-election

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Surrounded by family, friends and colleagues, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero announced he is running for re-election.

"I love this job. I love this city. I love our residents, and I love the opportunities ahead," said Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero as he announced his re-election. "If we could accomplish what we could in the past eight years, just imagine what we could accomplish together as we turn the economic corner."

If reelected, the mayor says he will finish a controversial project to put a tribal casino downtown and continue to bring jobs to Lansing.

But he does face opposition.

Donald Krepps filed his election papers three years ago. He's 93 and says taxes are too high and services are too low.

"We're lead through too many recessions and we shouldn't have been five years here on this one," said Krepps who is running for mayor.

John Boise is a business owner, and prison chaplain. He feels the city needs new direction, and unlike the other candidates, he is on the ballot because of citizen petitions rather than paying a filing fee.

"I love Lansing and I know this, that's why I wear my boots and stuff I am going to work for Lansing. I love this place," said Boise. "I want to start working with the youth in two different areas. I want to have a youth center for them to be able to work with them and I would also like to bring in like a boot camp for the youth that are out doing destructive things to get them on the right track."

Gene Gutierrez-Rodriguez says he is offering a fresh new start for the city and is tired of status-que politicians and wants education reform. "The school curriculum in general I think is a very structured and I think does more to hinder growth and innovation than to create it," said Gutierrez-Rodriguez. "I represent something different, a different point of view. Something needs to change and hopefully I can make it happen."

While Bernero does have contenders, public relations professionals don't think they will have much hope of winning.

"I certainly expect what I would call fringe candidates, not necessarily anyone who is a truly viable candidate," said Kelly Rossman-McKinney the CEO of Truscott Rossman.

The filing deadline to run for Lansing Mayor is Tuesday May 14th at 4p.m.

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