Beef Prices Expected to Keep Rising

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Firing up the grill is going to get costly this summer. Everything from burgers and steaks to fruit salad and grilled veggies are going up in price and will likely stay that way for a while. Beef prices have already hit an all-time high this year, up more than 2% since February.

A variety of factors are to blame, including the drought out west and cattle herds being at their lowest in more than six decades. Fruits and veggies have also been impacted by the drought, going up nearly 1% in price in just the last month. Experts say prices could stay high for a couple years as cattle producer start to rebuild their herds and drought-affected areas get enough rain to replenish pastures.

To save money, ask the butcher about less expensive cuts and look for produce that is grown locally. When you see meat on sale stock up and freeze some for later use. Grocery-saving apps and coupons will also help.

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