Bathroom Fan the Cause of Local Fire

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The residents of 1417 Linval Street lost just about everything in their home when it caught fire last week, and the culprit is something most people never think of. The home's bathroom fan is most likely the fire starter, and the Lansing Fire Department says that at least one fire like this happens every year. Quick thinking by the resident got everyone out of the home safely.

Eric Weber of the Lansing Fire Department explained how the resident discovered the fire. "She woke up and investigated in the bathroom and found that it was overheated and there was fire and smoke coming from that ceiling fan. The ceiling fan had dropped onto the floor, and she looked up and saw flames. She got all of her family members out immediately and called 911 from a neighbors house," he said.

Bathroom fans are electrical in nature, and they must be maintained and monitored to ensure they are working properly. "You can take the vent off and clean those. Pay attention to it. If you start to get a noise out of them that is not normal or if it seems to work intermittently call a licensed electrician right away."

The Lansing Fire Department also urges all residents to check their smoke detector regularly. it could save your life, as it did for the for the residents of this home