Bank Robbery Ends in Chase, One Suspect Jumping Into Pond

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Three people are in police custody after a bank robbery at the Farmer's State Bank in Stockbridge, Friday morning.

Police said the robbery occurred around 11:40 a.m. on Friday. A 43-year-old man walked into the bank with a gun and demanded money. He then attempted to run away from the scene.

Police then say the suspect met up with two cars, a red SUV and a gray BMW, driven by two females who helped him flee the scene. Both vehicles were spotted by police heading north on M-52 shortly after the robbery.

When police attempted to pull the cars over the red SUV with the male suspect inside swerved off the road and drove across a homeowner's front lawn.

"It's not everyday...somebody goes across the yard but it got my attention," said Brian Sommer who witnessed the chase and arrest unfold.

Sommer said after the SUV swerved off the road, the male suspect rolled out and started running away.

"He jumped into the pond," Sommer said. "The state police officer held him at gunpoint until another sheriff could arrive and apprehend him."

The man didn't put up a fight when police arrested him. Authorities aren't saying how much money he got away with but witnesses said they saw police pull a backpack full of money from the pond.

"I don't know why he jumped into the pond," Sommer said. "I guess he thought it was safe in there?"

Police said they're still unsure how the two females were involved in the entire ordeal. The incident is still under investigation.

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