Back to School Savings in Full Swing

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Okemos, MI - The school supply shopping rush is on and if you're looking to shop smarter, make sure to pick up a copy (or two) of Sunday's paper.

"You're going to get coupons for Sharpie products, Expo products and I think there are some Papermate," says coupon blogger Tatanisha Worthey of "A Mitten Full of Savings."

Saving often comes down to thinking ahead, experts say. Combine the right coupons with the right store.

"A lot of it is knowing what price I should buy crayons at and what price I should buy a book bag at," says Worthey.

Pairing manufacturer coupons with store coupons can maximize savings. Plus, items like paper, pencils and more will be on "price drop" at Meijer until September.

"It's notebooks, it's three ring binders, it's erasers, it's all these things our customers are looking for," says Chris Wilson, the Okemos Meijer Store Director.

Meijer makes a point to keep the most popular supplies at low prices, often under a dollar.

"We've got plenty of merchandise for all of our customers needs," says Wilson. "For either the college student or the student that is in grade school."

Plus, Worthey says if you're in the market for more expensive items like graphing calculators or laptops, now is the time to buy.

"Especially if you're using Mac they usually have deals going on where they'll give you a $100 gift card when you buy a new mac," says Worthey. "Dell usually has some type of deals going on where you get a free tablet if you buy a laptop or a desktop."

In the end, if you can't find a great deal, hold out until just after school starts if you can, that's when you'll see the biggest markdowns.

Plus, if you are feeling overwhelmed by sorting through deals, Worthey recommends using a free app for your cell phone or tablet called "Favado." It lists all the stores near you and the prices they are offering on different items. It is an easy way to compare prices.

For more details on coupons, visit Worthey's blog at and Meijer deals can be found in detail at

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