Back to School Sales Already in Full Swing

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Walk into a Meijer or Target, and you'd think summer is over. The back to school displays are set up earlier than ever this year.

School doesn't start for another six weeks, but back to school sales have been going on since the beginning of July.

Stores like Target and Meijer say that's because of the customers demand, and the more time customers have to shop, the more time they have to get everything they need.

The Executive of Logistics at Target, Katilyn, explained, "We wanted to set it out early, so they could shop it early, and then come back when they do get those specific lists out, and we'll still have that product for them."

One of Meijer's Store Directors, Christopher Wilson, said, "We decided as a company to get these products out in front of our customers and really let them have the summer to pick up those items, so they're not panicking last minute, right around Labor Day Weekend."

Whether they're shopping in one trip or multiple, the one thing a customer is looking for this back to school season, is a deal.

Wilson explained, "People are really bargain conscious. We've got over 100 items for under a dollar. And everything, everything a kid could want for back to school, we've got here at Meijer."

And, Target has created the Buy One, Give One Campaign. When shoppers buy a UB Brand or Target Product, Target gives the same product to a needy school child in the U.S.

"Another thing that we are really striving to do is give the guests that best price, so we're really striving to do that through competitively price matching. So, they can bring in the ad or bring in an electronic device to show the price of the other store and we'll match it," Kaitlyn said.

If you're looking for more discounts, most stores, like these, have coupons available on mobile apps.

At Target, back to school sales will be going on until the middle of August. Meijer says they'll keep the displays up until after school starts.