BWL Works to Stay Ahead of Storms

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Lansing's Board of Water and Light has tripled it's tree trimming crews to clear broken tree limbs from December's ice storm. The utility says it's ready to handle spring's severe weather season.

BWL Spokesperson Amy Akers says the utility is better off than it was 4 months ago, when an ice storm crippled the Lansing area, and customers complained about lack of communication. Akers says BWL is taking a proactive approach when it comes to severe weather.
"If we see signs of inclement weather, we're pushing out press releases, we're getting active on social media and now we're trying to let community members know that we are prepared and we are doing things active in advance to make sure that we're ready so that we can best serve the customers."

Many tree limbs are still dangling throughout Lansing. Akers says
BWL has extra crews out, trimming some of those trees. The utility wants to make sure there are no loose branches that could cause any problems when a spring storm rolls through." Akers says, "Vegetation issues are out there in the community. We're still working on it. But we've tripled our tree trimming crews to be proactive to get those trees down so that they don't cause any power outages."

If the power does go out, people in many communities can also get information by signing up for the "Code Red" system. The web-based emergency notification service sends emergency messages by phone, text or email.

Mike Hamel, Emergency Manager for the City of Lansing says, "We use it as a mass notification. We can actually even put it as a geographic area, so lets just say downtown, right, city hall, we can with our mapping abilities we can draw a circle around it and only notify those specific areas."