BWL Makes More Concessions to Customers

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The Lansing Board of Water and Light will waive late fees for bills received in January as long as payment is received in February. The BWL Board of Commissioners voted to make the change during Tuesday's committee of the whole meeting after hearing from customers angry that their December bills were estimated despite many of them losing power for up to 12 days following the ice storm. The waiver allows them to wait until they get a bill with a true meter reading. The Commissioners also approved a $25 credit for customers who went at least five days without electricity following the storm. They'll get an additional $5 credit for each day the outage lasted after the initial five. The BWL also says its system used to track outages has been fixed. Problems with the system were blamed for the long delay in restoring power. The BWL will hold thee community forums to discuss the response to the ice storm starting Wednesday night. The times and locations are as follows.

Hannah Community Center in East Lansing
819 Abbot Road

Delta Township Administration Building
7710 W. Saginaw Highway

Reo Town Depot in Lansing
1201 S. Washington Ave.

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