BREAKING: MSU's FRIB Project Fully Funded

An agreement on the 2014 Appropriations Bill in Washington includes $55 million dollars for Michigan State University's Facility for Rare Isotope Beams. It's the full amount requested for the project and it also allows the university to begin construction this year.

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Michigan) was thrilled in a phone call to WILX to share the news about MSU having the green light to finally start building the FRIB.

"It's jobs-- both in construction as well as long term once the project is done," Stabenow said. "It really places MSU once again at the forefront of science research (and) energy research."

"FRIB is essential to America's continued leadership in nuclear science," added Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan). "It's a powerful statement about Michigan's role in maintaining that leadership."

For Michigan State and its leadership, the first two weeks of 2014 have been pretty good.

"We are incredibly excited that full funding for FRIB was included in the omnibus bill," said MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon. "This is a Rose Bowl-like win which enables MSU to initiate the construction of FRIB and moves us closer to realizing the full benefits of this project for science, for the people of Michigan and for the nation."

It won't be official until the vote passes, but Stabenow says the agreement is in place.

"The fact that even in tight budget times we were able to get the commitment to the full funding is great news."

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