BPA Found On Store Receipts

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Do you work in a store or restaurant and touch a lot of receipts? Or maybe you just do a lot of shopping? New research finds people who handle a lot of receipts had elevated levels of BPA. Have you ever felt a powdery coating on your store receipts? That powder helps develop dyes on the receipts, but it turns out, it contains BPA, the hormone-altering chemical typically used in plastics and in the lining of canned goods. But it's also found on receipts from gas stations, grocery stores, and ATM machines. The chemical has been linked to reproductive issues in adults and some neurodevelopment delays in children. A new study measured levels of BPA in a small group of volunteers before and after handling receipts for two straight hours. They found a clear increase among those who did not wear gloves. Researchers say the powder-form of BPA easily absorbs into the body through the skin. Study participants who wore gloves had no significant increase in BPA, so they're urging those who handle a lot of receipts to wear a pair.