Aviation to Get Fuel Tax Break While Gov. Asks More of Drivers

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While the Governor wants to raise fuel taxes on drivers up to 33 cents per gallon to improve deteriorating Michigan roads, the legislature is considering lowering aviation fuel taxes. It's a change that will cost taxpayers anywhere between $32-65 million each year.

Planes would no longer pay the 6 percent sales tax that drivers are charged on their fuel. Instead the aviation fuel tax would be 12 cents per gallon. In addition to the 6 percent sales tax, drivers currently pay 19 cents per gallon for gasoline and 15 cents per gallon of diesel.

Overall, Michigan's roads are given a "D" grade because 61 percent are rated as good or fair.

News Ten's Brian Johnson will have more on what people think about the proposed tax change for aviation fuel and why the legislature wants the change made. That's tonight on WILX News Ten at 5 p.m.

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