Avalon Hotel in Jackson Kicks Out 22 Families

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BLACKMAN TWP (WILX)-- Families living at the Avalon Hotel in Jackson have been given less than 48 hours to move out.

The hotel is closing, in what seems to be a sudden decision by the owner.

"I was told last night about eight o'clock," said Amanda Rupert.

Rupert is one of the 22 families that lives at the Avalon Hotel. They all have until 11 am on Friday to move out.

"There's families with babies, kids, I've got a five year old," said Rupert.

"This is a smack in the face. They said if we're not out by eleven they're going to throw our stuff out on the street. They don't care," said Aaron Scott-Phillips, who's also getting kicked out.

The current owner is closing the hotel, but word is it's the new management that's ordering everyone be evicted. Even employees that live there have been told to leave.

"We know this place because we've worked here. When they needed something done, I was the man. Then to have them say we don't even want you, it hurts," said Scott-Phillips.

With a note on the lobby desk and a knock on their door, the families were given less than 48 hours to find a new place.
With christmas just days away, some of them might not have a home for the holidays.

"Were struggling to find somewhere to stay," said Scott-Phillips.

The current owner, Mr. Shaw says "financially the hotel cannot survive." But he wouldn't comment further as to why the short notice. Legal services is looking into the issue, but many of the families aren't holding out hope.

"I don't think they can legally do this, but it seems since this is a business and not a residence they can," said Rupert.

Frustrated, lost, and desperate, these families need a helping hand.

"Just help us out, just reach out."

We are working on finding out who's taking over management of the Avalon Hotel, and what they plan on doing with it. When we have more information you'll be the first to know

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