Authorities Find Cars In Saginaw River Using Sonar

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SAGINAW, Mich. (AP) -- Authorities are turning up vehicles in the Saginaw River thanks in part to side-scan sonar equipment that they started using this year.

The Saginaw News reports members of the Saginaw County sheriff's department dive team pulled a Chevrolet Caprice from the river Sunday that may have been underwater for decades. It was found in August during training.

Investigators initially thought it was a snowmobile and decided to retrieve it after determining that it was a car. It was found upside down about 100 feet from land in roughly 10-12 feet of water. Officials say the key was in the ignition and the transmission was in drive.

Dive team commander David Sommers says the car likely was stolen and dumped. Another car was found Oct. 13 along Wickes Park.

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