Attorney Bernstein Announces Run for State Supreme Court

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You might know him from the 1-800 Call Sam ads on TV, but attorney Richard Bernstein is gunning for a job on the other side of the bench.

Bernstein announced Wednesday he is running for the Michigan Supreme Court.

Bernstein, who is legally blind, says he wants to make sure the courts are open to all Michiganders.

"It is time that we bring blind justice to the Michigan Supreme Court," said Bernstein. "It is time that our courts become blind, blind to special interests, blind to political ideology, blind to self-interests."

Bernstein didn't criticize anything in particular.

He leads the Public Services Division at the Sam Bernstein Law Firm, which advocates for people with special needs.

Bernstein has spent eight years on Wayne State University's Board of Governors. He ran for state attorney general four years ago.

There are three seats on the Michigan Supreme Court up for election in November. Two of those justices are running again.

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