At Least 12 Gangs Operating in Lansing According to Police Detective

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Lansing Police Detective James Gill was assigned to investigate the 2010 murder of Shayla Johnson. While working on that case, he learned of an alarming number.

"There are at least 12 gangs operating in the City of Lansing. We didn't discover the gangs until July of 2010 at the death of Shayla Johnson," Gill said.

According to Gill, gangs are increasingly targeting children for recruits.

"They recruit them while they're younger because they don't get charged with an adult crime."

Sharlein Krom works with at-risk youth at Ingham Academy and says it's common for her to come across teens with a gang affiliation.

"We do have quite a few kids that are affiliated with different gangs, not all the same. So that right there causes an issue in itself having different gang members in the same building," Krom said.

At the academy, staff members run a variety of programs to get teens back on track. Krom says the whole point is to help teens continue their education and break away from the gang if they're in one.

Detective Gill says he wants to take a more complete approach.

"If you take them apart, you reduce the crime. Give us time, we'll take them down."

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