Armed Robber Hits Lansing Stores

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Seven Lansing businesses have been robbed since October 17th. Of those stores, the Quality Dairy on E. Michigan Avenue and W. Willow along with the 7-11 on E. Jolly Avenue were each hit twice.

"Noone has been physically injured during any of these robberies and a weapon has been indicated each time but noone seen during most occasions," said Capt. Daryl Green from the Lansing Police Department.

Desiree Sleeseman works at the Family Dollar in the 2900 block of S. Cedar Avenue, which was robbed just before 9 p.m. on November 7th. She wasn't at work when it happened, but hearing about it was scary enough.

"They hit my store. It scared me because I work here and you work alone a lot of times and it's scary," said Sleeseman.

Police say the man who robbed the 7-11 in the 19 hundred block of E. Jolly twice in one week could be considered a suspect in the other cases as well.

"The robberies definitely demonstrate at least one consistent accused. With that, that person could have persons assisting him," Capt. Green said.

According to Capt. Green, in each case, the suspect got out without hurting anyone and with minimal amounts of cash. He wants to assure the public that LPD detectives are working with the special operations and patrol divisions to crack this case and is asking anyone with information to contact the Lansing Police Department.

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