Aramark Under Fire for Maggots in Ohio Prison

Maggots have been found in more prison food served by Aramark. That's the same company under fire for maggots found near the food line in a Jackson County facility last week.

Maggots were found in the food at the "Marysville Reformatory for Women" twice in January, and once in June. One man,, whose daughter is in the jail, says she was crying as she called him.

S/ John Loos/Daughter Saw Maggots
"They discovered it and switched it out with some other dish to serve instead of the beans," John Loos explained. "That really hit her hard because she knew for a fact she had probably consumed some of it."

The corrections department is not commenting on the claims, but is investigating. Aramark says the county health department and third party auditors haven't found any evidence of food safety issues. Aramark has also been fined in Ohio for not providing sufficient staff at the prison.

Maggots were recently found in food Aramark served at the Egeler Reception and Guidance Center in Jackson County. They were also found near serving trays at Parnall Correctional Facility in Blackman Township. Aramark had already been warned it was in danger of losing its $145 million dollar food-services contract with the state.

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