Apple, Google May Battle for Smart Home App

Apple is getting ready to announce plans for its new "Smart Home" app. The "Financial Times" reports it's happening at Apple's world-wide developer conference next Monday.

The app would allow customers to control lighting, security, appliances and thermostats from their iPhones, iPads and Apple TV. There are also reports that Google is about to buy a security camera manufacturer to go along with its thermostat-maker, meaning Apple may have some competition.

"If Apple can maintain the channel flow of the conversation so it still goes through your smartphone and tablet, then i think Apple is well positioned," says tech analyst Tom Forte. "But if the devices figure out a way to communicate with each other, then I think that bodes much better for Google."

Neither company is commenting. Experts believe they may end up cooperating on "Smart Home" technology because the companies that make household furnishings won't want to have to choose between Apple and Google.

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