Apple Cider Prices Up

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It's time again for the leaves to change, meaning lots of seasonal traditions. But bring a little extra cash if you want to pick up your annual gallon of cider. If your cider mill or grocery store is offering any at all. 90% of the state's apple crop was wiped out due to the unusual weather at the beginning of the year

"Everyone can still have their apples and cider here this year," said President of Uncle John's Cider Mill Michael Beck. He and his workers had to come up with a plan right away to cope with their loss. "There's never been a year quite like this."

100% of the apples at Uncle John's were wiped out, so it had to pull about 10,000 bushels of apples from a farm outside of Grand Rapids to keep the business going. He will have to buy even more to keep up with demand until the end of the year.

It's costing Beck more, and therefore his customers. A gallon of cider is now up from $5.99 last year, to $9.99. He says the prices should go back down next year, and in the meantime, his customers are happy Uncle John's is still selling cider at all, with hundreds sold this weekend alone.

We've also talked to some you-pick apple farmers in the area who have had to shut down for the year.

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