Anniversary of Missing Boys Fast Approaching

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The family of Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton are hopeful the boys will be found, but aren't holding a public gathering to mark the 3-year anniversary.

Tanya Zuvers, the boys' mother, says the family just wants some quiet time this Thanksgiving.

The boys disappeared three years ago while visiting their father, John Skelton. He is currently serving time on unlawful imprisonment charges.

Last month, investigators, prosecutors, behavioral experts and members of the Morenci Police Department met at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Virginia to discuss the case.

The group combed through case files for two days, searching for anything that could provide another avenue for investigators to search.

“It was one of the largest case reviews that has been hosted by NCMEC,” said NCMEC Case Manager Patrick Maney. “We had over 30 experts here who are dedicated to resolving this case”.

In a post on her Facebook page last week, Zuvers is asking people to continue to care and share the boys' picture. She's hopeful the one clue to break the case open is still out there somewhere, saying "we just have to keep looking".

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