Ann Arbor issuing Tickets for Snowy Sidewalks

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) -- Snow-covered sidewalks in Ann Arbor are proving bothersome and hazardous for people trying to use them -- and costly for property owners who allow the snow to pile up.

The Ann Arbor News reports Sunday that officers have handed out 438 notices since Dec. 1 to home and business owners for not shoveling snow from sidewalks.

Forty-four people who failed to clear the walks have been ticketed. Fines can reach $500.

City community standards supervisor Jessie Rogers says some "don't shovel, and you would just think that people would just know other people need to use the sidewalk in front of their properties."

The physically disabled are among those who have a difficult time navigating snowy walkways.

Lingering frigid temperatures also have prevented a record January snowfall from melting.

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