Animal Shelters Need Adoptive Families

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Cage after cage is filled with animals at the Mid-Michigan Adopt-A-Thon. All have one thing in common, they need a home.
But for Larry, the waiting ends today.

"We came to look for a cat," said Megan Briggs.

"And we found one that we liked," her husband Marc Briggs followed.

The six-year old cat is joining the Briggs family, who already has two pets they rescued.

"The kids are very excited," Marc Briggs added, referring to the couple's three children.

It's the end result organizers of the Adopt-A-Thon are hoping every animal will have.

But this is the busiest time of year for shelters and many are facing overcrowding.

"In Michigan there's thousands and thousands and thousands of animals that are being destroyed just because there's not enough homes for them," said Sarah Vicary, Director of the Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue.

It's a problem adoption programs like this are trying to help.
The collaborative event features available pets from five different organizations

"There is no reason that they shouldn't be able to find a new loving home if everybody comes together and adopts," added Vicary who helps run the event.

There are over 100 animals at the adoption event each of the three days it runs, but those are only some of the pets waiting for homes. The Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue alone has over 300 cats in foster care.

Even if you can't adopt, there are others ways to help since the majority of rescues are run by volunteers.

"Rescues can't survive without everybody pulling together and making it happen," Vicary said. "That means we need donations, we need volunteers, we want people to get involved."

For adoptive families like the Briggs, they know helping out is a win-win situation.

"We feel it's important to be able to give a home to animals that don't have a home and give our children the chance to give love to an animal," Marc Briggs added.

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