Animal Shelter in Need of Pet Food

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The Ingham County Animal Shelter is a safe haven for hundreds of pets in need, but when food supplies are low that can mean trouble for the shelter's residents.

"The shelter is getting pretty full for this time of year and we aren't getting as many donations as we usually do," said Ashley Hayes, a Volunteer and Special Events Liaison at the shelter.

While the Mason shelter does receive funding for supplies, it relies on donations to supplement its current food budget.

Every week animals at the shelter eat 500 pounds of dog food and 125 pounds of cat food. That does not include the pet food it supplies for low-income families through a Food Bank program.

"If we don't get it donated we do buy it," said Hayes. "We don't ever let the animals here at the shelter starve."

According to Hayes there is another solution: adoption.

"If they adopt an animal it helps our food situation as well since that's less animals we have to feed," noted Hayes.

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