Animal Control Warns About the Dangers of Craigslist Ads

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People put all kinds of things for free on Craigslist, but your pet should not be one of them.

Ingham County Animal Control is hoping pet owners get that message after a family gave their dog to someone who ended up abusing him.

They couldn't keep their two dogs any longer, so they put an ad on Craigslist saying "free to a good home." Both animals found new homes on the same day. The family gave Duke to a young couple that seemed nice, but didn't have much money.

In April, animal control says they got a tip from a frantic young girl about a teenage boy kicking and beating a small white pit bull.

Officers eventually found the dog thanks to the good samaritan who called in the tip on the animal cruelty tip line and contacted its original family, thanks to the dog's microchip.

Officers never found that couple and the dog known as Duke will have a permanent limp because of his injury.

Animal control is asking owners to screen potential adopters and get their contact info.

You can also take an unwanted pet to a shelter.

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