Alcoholic Beverages At the Movie Theater?

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Anyone up for a cold beer or a glass of wine at the movie theater?

"Yes! I would love that, that would be relaxing," Michelle Routecki said.

"I think it would attract a younger crowd," Katie White said. "I could totally see my friends saying 'let's go see a movie and have a drink.'"

Well that could soon be a possibility at AMC Theater in Meridian Township. Turns out, the township received an extra liquor license from the state a few months ago, and now they're accepting applications for it.

"We've received five applications for that available license," Assistant Township Manager Paul Brake said. "It's a class C liquor license so it's beer, wine and spirits."

Brake would not confirm the other four applicants. He would only say that they are local, existing restaurants. Brake said liquor license sales between private owners are usually sold for upwards of $40,000. This one is being offered for a small fee, hence all the demand.

"For the dinner crowd, it makes a difference," Brake said of restaurant liquor licenses. "If one place has one and one doesn't, you're more than likely to go to the one with the license."

AMC theater's national spokesman did not return phone calls for comment.

Brake said it's not a done deal for the theater by any means, in fact they said they will review each application equally and ultimately reward it to the one that creates the biggest economic impact.

"We're hoping it will aid in growth for the business to expand," he said. "Hopefully they can add jobs and make a difference in the community."

Most people we talked to liked the idea of toasting in the theater, but not everyone agrees.

"I guess it's OK for adults, but since they are showing movies to younger children also, no I disagree," Amy Bailey said.

The township plans to make a decision by July.

The township has an economic development advisory board which will review all of the applicants and make a single recommendation to the township board for a vote.

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