Alaiedon Board Hears Public's Concerns About JNL Expansion

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The Jackson National Life Insurance expansion is supposed to bring $100 million in investment and some 1,000 jobs to Alaiedon Township.

And it's for those reasons residents in the township know they probably have little chance of stopping it. But they're hoping they can at least make enough noise to get some changes made before construction starts.

Monday night was the public's first change to tell the board how they feel about the proposed expansion.

Traffic, environmental concerns and the worry of how construction might disturb the otherwise quiet town were at the top of the list.

"I still have reservations," said Cammie Cavenaugh who lives in the township.

"I'm not crazy about them being our neighbors on out side of the street because they didn't follow through on things they promised earlier."

The township would have to approve a tax agreement allowing Lansing to annex the expansion. It's a similar agreement to what was made when JNL originally developed in the township in 1998 and again in 2008.

City Council President Carol Wood said she thinks it's an agreement that's worked out well so far.

"This is very similar to the ones we've already done and we haven't had any hiccups so far," Wood said. "So this is an opportunity again for the voters to take a look at it and listen to it and get back to us."

But even so, Cavenaugh said she remains skeptical.

"I know they need to have employees and it's very good for the county, it's good for the city but coming across the road when they, back in 1998 said they'd never build on the this side... well now they're building." she said.

The township board hasn't scheduled a final vote yet.

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