Agema: `God, Family and Country' His Core Issues

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GRANDVILLE, Mich. (AP) -- Embattled Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema is hitting back at critics of his anti-gay and anti-Muslim Web postings, saying he stands on the same issues he always has -- "God, family and country."

The committee meets Wednesday in Washington.

Gov. Rick Snyder has indirectly criticized Agema, calling for an end to derogatory and negative comments. Other Republican leaders say Agema is hurting their party, while Democrats are calling on the GOP to remove him.

In a Facebook posting reported by the Detroit Free Press, the 64-year-old ex-state representative from Grandville says "people are feeding half-truths to the news within the GOP, stirring up divisiveness."

He says he's wrongly blamed for posting other people's comments "to encourage discourse" and says it's "an unfortunate and uncivil tactic" to tarnish his reputation.

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