Advent House Ministries Struggles to Stay Open After Federal Cuts

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Timid, shy, and lacking confidence-that's the kind of person Angie Green says she used to be. But talking to her now, you'd never know it.

"I stay positive and confident. I'm more confident now," said Angie Green, a tutor at Advent House.

Green was referred to Advent House by a homeless shelter in 2008. Shortly after joining the job club at there, Green began working and going to college. and today, she gives back to the agency by tutoring students in the GED program. She says she does it because she knows how important it is to support people who want to make their lives better.

"When you're coming from a homeless situation, you need all the mental and emotional support you can get. and that's the one thing they're not lacking of here. I rely on the advocates that I've worked with, and through the years they've watched me grow, and I've always been able to lean and depend on them," said Green.

But Green is just one of the people who depends on Advent House. The agency provides a weekend day shelter and a full-time shelter. They also provide literacy, job skills and education programs. But some of those programs may have to go. Sequestration has caused most agencies that help low-income or homeless individuals to lose some of their federal funding. And with many donors facing tough financial times, Advent's bank is running low.

"We're very, very concerned that we're able to continue that program to provide as much help to people as possible and make the money we have stretch, but there will come a point where the money is gone," said Susan Cancro, Executive Director.

To keep the doors open, Advent is trying to raise 25,000 in 25 days, in honor of their 25th year open. But the problem isn't Advent House's alone.

"We work closely with our fellow agencies, and there are a lot of folk out there who do great work, and every one is struggling," said Cancro.

A bill to return some of federal funding to agencies like Advent doesn't seem to be high on agenda. So, as Advent and other agencies struggle, so does the homeless population.

"You see it on your way home, people on the street corners begging for money. It's an epidemic. It's important to have these resources for people to use," said Joshua Corts, who uses Advent's services.

Advent House was trying to reach that goal of $25,000 dollars in donations in 25 days. that started on August 19th. And now, there are only 5 days left. If you're interested in donating to Advent House you can go to their website. We put a link on the hot button on Right now, they have only raised about half of their goal amount.