Accused I-96 Shooter, Raulie Casteel Speaks Out

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HOWELL (WILX)-- For the first time since his arrest in November 2012 we got to hear from Raulie Casteel in court Monday.

The accused I-96 shooter explained that paranoia, government conspiracy and demons in his head, caused him to shoot at nearly two dozen cars more than a year ago.

Casteel says he believed the government was watching him.

"(They were) following me, my wife and my daughter, where ever we went. I felt that the telephone calls were being monitored," said Casteel.

He even expressed that paranoia on his twitter account in the days leading up to the shootings. He tweeted that helicopters were flying overhead his house intimidating him, conspiracy theories about the government, and made the statement "I carry everywhere I go".

Casteel testified that paranoia made him anxious when driving. Driving with a 9-milimeter at his side he didn't think, just reacted.

"I saw this line long of traffic and anxiety set in. (There was) fear and I shot. It was to get rid of the demons," said Casteel.

In cross examination he admitted there was intent behind the shootings. He didn't know who the drivers were, but he was sending the government a warning.

"Maybe it was to send them a message to back off. I didn't trust the government," said Casteel.

Casteel said he knew police were looking for him after the first day, and yet he still continued.

"I was thinking that I may get a knock on my door someday. Yes (I knew) people were scared."

Casteel has been on medication for his paranoia since August 2013. He now admits most of his worries were figments of his imagination.

"Looking back in hindsight, I regret that it even happened."

Casteel was the only person the defense called to the stand for its case. Closing arguments are set for Tuesday.

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