Abortion Clinics Under New Law

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LANSING (WILX)-- Tighter restrictions on Michigan abortion clinics officially started Monday.

The new law requires doctors to make sure women aren't being forced to have an abortion. But the thing is, it's not against the law to force a woman to have an abortion. One lawmaker says that needs to be fixed immediately.

"Why are they outlining a crime that doesn't exist in Michigan law? I don't think its wrong to require a license, but when they make you jump through hoops that's just unnecessary," said Progress Michigan employee Jessica Tramontana.

Senator Rick Jones says lawmakers are going to try to fill the loophole this year.

"There needs to be additional legislation passed that makes it against the law to coerce or force a woman to have an abortion," said Jones.

Other parts of the law include proper disposal of fetal remains, and requirement that all abortion clinics must be properly licensed.

"I think this is a thinly veiled attempt to shut down abortion clinics," said Tramontana.

Jones doesn't see it that way, he says lawmakers have both the right and responsibility to make sure women are getting the best in healthcare.

"I don't care if you are clinic doing plastic surgery, abortion, or whatever procedure. I think you should be licensed and inspected to protect people," said Jones.

It will be a slow process at fist says Jones, but the state now must also inspect the clinics, making sure they are clean, sterile, and up to date on the new regulations. Abortion clinics that break the new law could be shut down,

"It is time to call into question why these laws exist. No one should come in-between a woman and her doctor and unfortunately politics has placed itself in the doctors office," said Tramontana.

We also spoke with Planned Parenthood, one of the most vocal critics of new law. Director Meghan Groen tells us that none of its clinics will have problems complying with the new law.

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