Abandoned Pools Posing Dangers in Lansing Neighborhood

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It won't be long before pools start opening up across Mid-Michigan and the kids want to splash around.

But if that pool is sitting behind an abandoned house, as we found in one Lansing neighborhood, it could pose some serious safety risks for people living nearby.

Mike Morofsky, a board member with the Colonial Village neighborhood association said he's had to deal with the hazards first hand.

"We've had a dog that wandered in there last year and a police officer had to come and rescue it," Morofsky said. "There have been possums that are found dead in there, and we've got a baby over there real close."

The pool is sitting behind a house on Gordon St. in Lansing and residents living nearby say it hasn't been lived in for years.

"This isn't a new issue," Morofsky said. "We go through it annually."

Beyond that, he said he's frustrated with the seeming lack of response from the city to take care of the issue.

"We don't get any action from code compliance, it's very slow in coming," he said.

Neighbors living next to the house on Gordon St. actually took it upon themselves to put in a fence because before that anyone could walk right into the yard and into the pool.

We called the code compliance office and they said the property owner at 1610 Gordon St. had been notified about the violation about a week ago.

"I know for a fact that the lead house inspector was in contact with the property owner," said Bob Johnson, the director for neighborhood planning and development in Lansing.

Johnson said this is their busiest season for addressing code violations but they're still working to deal with complaints as quickly as they can.

"We do follow up on these and we take them very seriously," he said.

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